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and we could face the world together, all you have to do is take my hand.
Katie. 22. Orlando. Dance. Music. Tattoos and piercings. Many different fandoms. im not like any other chick youve ever met. get to know me =] whisper something in my ear ;]





do you ever just start thinking about sex and zone out for a couple of seconds and stare into space and then you come back and you’re like ah shit i hope no one realised i was thinking about sex just now

#disappointed glare at my boner for giving everything away

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i miss having a lady to devote my endless amount of time to.

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Let’s play “yes” or “no.” You ask me questions on anonymous or not, and I can only answer YES or NO.

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I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.
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I should be asleep, I shouldn’t be upset.
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mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths

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